The Orangetheory Fitness executive team is a well-rounded group of brand consultants, business plan experts and franchising thought leaders with varied backgrounds in the health and wellness, restaurant and food, and resort and leisure industries.

Michael Sik

Bachelor in art and design, I was a designer in both graphic and advertising after graduated from university. I weren't not a man who care about healthy lifestyle nor training back then, until I found boxing.
After practicing boxing and winning my first fight in Hong Kong Boxing Association by K.O, my life never be the same. I start dedicating more and more time in to fitness, and realise the importance of proper training, nutrition and rest. I start practicing different kind of training and sports including powerlifting, weightlifting, functional/athletic training and also boxing coaching. Eventually I get myself a chance to become a part of the OTF families.
My goal is to help you, accomplishing your goal.
Using my knowledge and experience, to help people becoming a faster, better, stronger version of themselves.

Qualification Highlights:
- NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
- WBC Advance Boxing Trainer
- 2014 National Day Cup 64KG Aiba International Boxing Association (Rd1 Win by RSC)
- Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI) Adult & Child CPR & AED Certified

George Sung

My goal is to pursue a career in the area of Fitness and Sports, specializing in the field of personal training and sports trainer/coach. Specializing in Personal Training and Group Coaching, I’m trained to push you hard. Join in the “Georgie Military” and let’s GO!

Qualification Highlights:
- Advanced Diploma in Fitness and Exercise Studies
- Level 1 Assistant Coach (Coaching Award) - England Basketball
- Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Chris Yeung

I have been training for more than 10 years and the main goal is to be a better version of myself. My training includes Olympic weightlifting, body weight training, strength training, metabolic conditioning, etc.

Qualification Highlights:
- Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
- Certified Kettlebell Instructor - Agatsu
- Certified TRX Instructor - TRX
- Certified RIP trainer Instructor - TRX
- Nutrition and weight management certification - ASP
- CPR & AED certified - Red Cross

Training Philosophy:
Be faster and stronger and the look will follows

Angus Lo

My name is Angus, as a sports lover, my whole life has a strong relationship with sports! It brings me a lot of achievements, success, friends, and most importantly, confidence. I have been a volleyball player for over 16 years and coaching for nearly 8 years! Motivating others to engage in sports and bringing them to the next level are the source of my happiness! I’m so glad to be part of Orangetheory fitness family! Let’s enjoy the workout together!

Qualification Highlights:
- NASM International Certified Personal Trainer

Matilda Zarrella (Tilly)

My name is Tilly! I am originally from Australia but have grown up in Hong Kong for the last ten years. My passion for fitness began through field hockey, and slowly moved to weightlifting and running. Now that I have found what makes me happy and keeps me active, I want to help others do the same - the only way we will stay fit and healthy for life is if we have fun! I cannot wait to meet all of you so we can get started and enjoy this journey of fitness together.

Qualification Highlights:
- NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
- CPR Qualified (Cardio Respiratory Resuscitation)
- AED Qualified (Automated External Defibrillator)

Liam Sheridan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have always had an interest in the more practical side of things. Even as a little kid my two favourite subjects were Physical education and design. I've come to realise that it's no longer 1 particular sport or 'style' as Bruce lee would put it, that I am interested in. But 'movement' and the bodies ability to move in such ways that I find interesting. Self Mastery is a quest that I am on, and I am here to help guide, as well as to learn from anybody who is on a similar journey to bettering themselves. My favourite Hobbies currently include speedbagging and watching all the new Marvel and DC superhero movies. I love reading and educating myself on spiritualism, ego, self-help, different modalities of training and biographies of people I find interesting.
Qualification Highlights:
• I.S.S.A - Personal Training Certificate
• NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist
• TRX Functional Training Course
• Trigger Point Foam Rolling: Principals and practices

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